Watercolor SUCCULENT easy painting

September 19, 2019

Watercolor SUCCULENT easy painting


This pretty little plant is so easy to paint and to make it even easier for you guys I drew a sketch which as always is free for download from that button below…  

As you will see I painted it in a couple of layers but you can, of course, do as many layers as you wish and up to a point where you see what you like. I wanted a saturated color for more realism, but you can paint it using less pigment so it looks more like watercolor and looser.

I hope you will enjoy it… 🙂

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel so please watch it here or click on the video. Attribution for using it is appreciated (by linking to my YouTube channel), but not necessary.


For those who have Instagram profile please use #renatatotart and tag me @renatatotart if you do the painting, so I can see it…


Big hug…


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