Watercolor painting – BUTTERFLY

March 23, 2020

Watercolor painting – BUTTERFLY – DAY 1


So, since we are advised to stay at home during next couple of week (or who knows how long) I decided to do a watercolor tutorial series and to upload a tutorial on my YouTube channel every day (in any way possible). My contribution to inspiring and motivating you to paint.

Please, join in, so we can get trough this together and easier. 

Feel free to download the sketch for yourself.

Step by step tutorial with voice over you can find on my YouTube channel so please watch it here or click on the video. Attribution for using it  is appreciated (by linking to my YouTube channel) and will help grow my channel, but not necessary.


For those who have Instagram profile please tag me @renatatotart if you do the painting, so I can see it… that always makes me so happy…



Big hug…


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