Watercolor PUMPKINS at the DOOR easy painting

September 21, 2019

Watercolor PUMPKINS at the DOOR easy painting


This is an quick sketch for my autumn welcoming painting – some pumpkins at the door. 🙂

You can of course paint it whole or paint only pumpkins. It is up to you and your preference. 🙂

I am feeling the fall and usually I am not too happy summer being over but this time, I don´t know why, I am. Maybe because I made peace with myself, hence with the nature also and it´s changes and course.

I hope you will enjoy… 🙂

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel so please watch it here or click on the video. Attribution for using it is appreciated (by linking to my YouTube channel), but not necessary.


For those who have Instagram profile please use #renatatotart and tag me @renatatotart if you do the painting, so I can see it…


Big hug…


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