Ink and watercolor Inktober 2022

Countdown to October 1st is almost done.

If you follow me on YouTube, you probably know I was all in Inktober last year and did 31 real-time videos on my channel. It was crazy challenging, but we made it through. Some of you were with me daily, some when able, and at the end it was very fun and worth the effort.

So, this year I decided it should be no different. At least when it comes to doing Inktober.


But there will be some changes.


I am planning to publish daily videos doing ink and watercolor illustrations on my channel and available for every single one of you but in a shorter version. Real-time, therefore longer version will be available for my channel members, level Sun. As long as you are a member you will have access to all of those videos and you can draw and paint at your own pace and at any time it suits you.

All channel members, level Moon and Sun will have access to free downloadable sketch for each daily illustration.

For Moon members I will publish a link for the sketch in daily posts and for Sun members in posts and also in video description. So, if you are a channel member, make sure you have your settings set to view posts.

Public videos are going to be quite enough for you to follow the painting process and do the illustration for yourself, so no need to sign up for membership.


So, why I am doing two versions then?


Because I do want to thank my channel members for their support. Lately, that is exactly what the membership was. More sort of support and lot less exclusive tutorials.

I have visioned, that joining the membership for Inktober this year is also going to be more of an act of support from you guys and an encouragement to me to see this through. So, no obligations.


If you would like to see more about the membership and pricing (which is quite symbolic for this offer), you can check it here.


I am sure we will all have lots of fun together, however you choose to do this with me. Looking forward to seeing you.




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